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POLIEXPORT is an industrial company specialized in the production of pieces in composite (polyester reinforced with fiberglass) and acrylics of any size.

Formed in September of 2006 and based in Arada | Ovar | Portugal, it was born with the purpose to overcome a gap in its sector, in particular the development of special and innovative projects, providing new visibility  to fiberglass through new applications and features.

Founded on the pillars of innovation, quality, accuracy, flexibility and loyalty, POLIEXPORT was created by the Engineer António Silva who put all his academic and professional now-how in the company to create his own business.

The production methods are adjusted to each request, since the Lay-up manual process to the most advanced technology of RTM, vacuum, etc. We also have CNC technology to ensure accuracy in the production of molds and prototypes ensuring the exact measures and shapes of the project. Every stages of the production process are supervised by the Quality Department.

The highly amount of done projects was possible thanks to an infrastructure that allows works in large scale, to the dynamics and group spirit of POLIEXPORT, which has a young team very ambitious and highly professional.

The goal of POLIEXPORT is not to be one more company in the FRP industry but to be a specialized company on technical projects that require technical and professional conditions and infrastructures for the realization of the client’s expectations, with support in the development of projects in their conception stage.

Our work ranges several different areas: decoration, urban and hotel furniture, advertising, outdoors, lettering, construction, coating, flooring, pipes, nautical, transports, mobility, tuktuk, external and internal kiosks, sell points in shopping centers, design, security and ballistics, sculpture, statuary art, art deco, unique and special projects without limits of size, shape or quantity.

Don’t you have a technical project but you have an idea on mind? Do not hesitate, send us the sketch and together we will develop the idea… the project… and the work will be born. We are available to achieve the specific needs of each client.

To Clients we ask: entrepreneurship and vision of your business because we are here to collaborate and to realize your ideas and ambitions.

To Architects we ask: draw and create without obstacles because together we will find solutions to make possible the projects, materializing your dreams.

To Designers we ask: create shapes, models, sizes and colors because we have conditions to produce pieces with many sizes and finishes in acrylic painting, in gelcoat or lacquering.

Summing up, the POLIEXPORT’s team is at your service… test us!